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Etisalat customer care number is 101 or 800101. Du customer care number for fixed home service is 043905555. I am not related to Etisalat and Du, blog was prepared with the help of Internet resources.

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Du Vs Etisalat

Du Vs Etisalat Price Comparison for Home Services

Etisalat has kind of monopoly over telecom sector in UAE. There is no true competition and users have not much choices. Du telecom covers limited area of Dubai and RAK in terms of fixed home services.

The below table shows basic comparison of Du and Etisalat for Triple Play (Landline, Internet and TV package) home services.

Note: There is no year contract for standalone services, however, one year or two years contract is applicable to double play or triple play services provided by both Du and Etisalat. It is advised to check the total cost, hidden charges, device rental charges and exit fee before taking bundle services.

ISPPackage NameInternetLandline
Speed Router National/Phone
(Mbps)IncludedLocal callsIncluded
EtisalateLife Basic12YesFreeYes
EtisalateLife Family20YesFreeYes
EtisalateLife Sports50YesFreeYes
EtisalateLife Entertainment50YesFreeYes
EtisalateLife Premium100YesFreeYes
EtisalateLife 300 Mbps300YesFreeYes
EtisalateLife 500 Mbps500YesFreeYes

ISPPackage NameTVMonthly Rate
ChannelsPremiumTV on wifiVideo on(Phone, TV
DuLightBasicNoYesChargeableAED 335
EtisalateLife BasicN/AN/AYesN/AN/A
DuBasicBasicYesYesChargeableAED 380
EtisalateLife FamilyBasicNoYesChargeableAED 359
DuExtraBasicYesYesChargeableAED 460
EtisalateLife SportsBasicSportsYesChargeableAED 499
EtisalateLife EntertainmentBasicOSN YesChargeableAED 569
DuMaxBasicYesYesChargeableAED 810
EtisalateLife PremiumBasicOSN and SportsYesAED 40/m freeAED 999
EtisalateLife 300 Mbps2 Basic channelsYesAED 40/m freeAED 2999
EtisalateLife 500 Mbps2 Basic channelsYesChargeableAED 5000
DuExtremeBasicYesYesChargeableAED 4600

Charge rate (AED)DuEtisalat
Safe custody20075 upto 2 months per year
Change location100100
Change landline100Not available
Additional voice servicesactivation fee 50 + 20 per monthactivation fee 50 + 25 per month
Additional landline number5550
Static IP10 per monthNot available
Decoder deposit150Not required
Video on demand7 to 19 dirhams7 to 70 dirhams
Additional socket100 per socket + 100 technician visit50 per socket + 100 technician visit
(6 sockets free during installation)Max 3 sockets free during 3P service installation
Additional TV remote5050
Additional HDMI3050
Cancellation100 + early exit fee early of equaling the 100 + early exit fee early of equaling the
sum of any promotion savingssum of any promotion savings

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